I’m in love with shooting instant film right now; I’ve been using it a bit for personal work and have pulled it out at some recent weddings. There is something so gratifying about having a print in your hand in a couple of minutes. I’ve been photographing a mix of Fuji colour and black and white stock, both producing a 4″x3″ positive print and a negative that can be scanned. It’s like shooting in between medium and large format, a lovely big image area with lovely narrow depth of field. The pic below is just a quick grab taken of my daughter, Freya in pretty average light. The first image is a scan of the positive print.

Polaroid portraiture

The  image below is a scan taken from the negative (the part most people throw away). The backing can be removed from the negative which leaves you with a lovely big neg to tape to a flatbed scanner and make crazy-big enlargements. Unlike some of the now discontinued Polaroid stocks, the Fuji negatives were never really intended to be reclaimed and used so results can be a bit unpredictable – but in a good way!

Portraits taken using instant film