We went to the beach at the weekend. It wasn’t super-warm and we kept our jackets on for the duration but that’s Scotland for you! I’ve shot a ton of personal work so far this year – a mix of 35mm & 120 film, mostly shot on standard lenses. So, just for a wee change I photographed this set digitally with a slightly wider 35mm lens – all pretty much wide open to control the depth of focus and isolate the subject from the background. I really like shooting on a 35, just a bit more space than a 50 to show a bit more of the environment, but not so wide that faces distort stupidly.

I love spending time on the beach and it ranks as one of my favourite places to photograph, especially families and kids. The light by the sea is so special, generations of artists have been drawn to the coast for that very reason. I love framing pictures with big skies, placing people in the landscape. Skinniness are especially good on the beach, the light bounces off the sand and fills in shadows resulting in very flattering portraiture in my opinion. OK, I love sandcastles and ice creams too but paddling is a big no, well not in Scotland anyway!

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