Why I photograph weddings on film

I love photographing weddings and portraiture on film!

I love how film reacts with light and creates natural, luminous photographs that are suffused with the most wonderful palette of colours. I love how it reveals glowing skin-tones that make people look amazing. Simply put – I’ve developed a big love affair with shooting film!

I was trained in film photography some years back and despite transitioning to digital capture for my commercial and editorial photography, I’ve never stopped shooting film for all my personal and portfolio work. No matter how I exposed or processed my digital files though I just couldn’t get close to the depth and quality of image produced by shooting on film.

Film capture fits perfectly with my style of shooting. For weddings I shoot a mix of editorial, fashion and traditional bridal portraiture. As such, I select a camera and format that best suits the image I have in mind. Todays colour film emulsions are amazing and hold way more latitude compared to digital files so you can expect to see details in the whitest of gowns to the darkest of morning suits and a beautiful range of colours in between.

I usually wait until the morning of your wedding before deciding what colour film to shoot – tailoring it around the light we have to work with and the surrounding environment. As well as colour, I shoot true black and white film which is ideal for getting ready shots where the light may not be so great. For later in the evening when the party starts, I shoot an amazing colour movie film that is used in Hollywood motion pictures and the photos are stunning!