Fun family photography at the beach in Scotland – with coats!

We went to the beach at the weekend. It wasn’t super-warm and we kept our jackets on for the duration but that’s Scotland for you! I’ve shot a ton of personal work so far this year – a mix of 35mm & 120 film, mostly shot on standard lenses. So, just for a wee change I photographed this set digitally with a slightly wider 35mm lens – all pretty much wide open to control the depth of focus and isolate the subject from the background. I love photographing at the beach. The light is a little bit cleaner which adds a bit of punch to photographs and the sand bounces light back up in to faces which is really quite flattering – not that kids require that to be honest. creative family photography scotland Continue reading

Family photography on the beach in Scotland

Here’s a small selection of family photography from a day on Elie beach in Fife, Scotland.  The set was photographed using my favourite go-to lens at the moment; a Canon 50L. They were mostly shot between f1.2 & f2 and were processed in Lightroom using a VSCO emulation to sweeten them up a bit. Along side the digital files I shot my Hasselblad H1 medium format camera with Fuji 400H film.  The films will be heading their way to my fantastic lab, RPL in the US shortly and I’ll share them as soon as they’re back. I absolutely love photographing on the beach. The light has a very special quality to it, even on an overcast day. The colour palette is so soft and sand also works well reflecting light back in to faces creating a lovely soft glow. Perfect for photographing kids .


Family photographer Scotland

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