Jillian + Phil = Ennis

Photographing newborn babies is just such an amazing experience. Capturing a life at the very beginning in all it’s newness and wonder. I love photographing babies – there, I’ve said it! Meet four week old Ennis Griffin. First-born son to such lovely parents, Jillian and Phil. Unphased by the occasion, Ennis chose to sleep through most of the session but did wake for a brief period, obviously got bored and dropped off again. Personally, I don’t mind shooting newborns asleep – after all they do sleep a lot so why not capture it? Ennis was photographed using available light – hybrid on film and digital cameras. The black and white pics below were photographed on traditional Kodak film, hand developed and scanned in-house. There is nothing quite like a true black and white film image, digital just doesn’t come close. It also offers the option of creating traditional hand-prints on gorgeous black and white fibre paper in the darkroom later on which are a simply stunning to view.

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Styled children’s shoot photographed on film

I photographed these children last week on film at a shoot styled by Rachel Hayton from Aspire Photography  on the banks of Coniston Water in the Lake District. It was a fantastic opportunity to use a variety of film stocks exposing in a slightly different fashion and using several different film cameras, each with their own distinctive look.

children photographed on film UK

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Black & white film portraiture

It’s funny how the simplest things can bring so much pleasure. Here’s a couple of portraits I grabbed in our city garden last week of my beautiful children Oscar  and Freya. The weather has been amazing here and they’d been playing under a blanket to shade them from the sun. It took the sting out of the harsh directional light and produced such a lovely even light source.

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Julie Young Dance Studios Pretty in Pink!

My lovely daughter Freya is following in her mum’s footsteps by taking ballet classes at the Julie Young Dance Studios in Perth. She’s been attending for a few months now and loves it -more often than not, reticent to take off her uniform when she gets back home! Anyway, Julie asked me if I wouldn’t mind photographing her pretty ballerinas this week as a wee christmas treat so we turned up a bit early and rigged up a quick two point lighting setup and photographed the girls as they arrived for class. They all did incredibly well and turned on the Christmas cheer for their portraits under the direction of Julie and her nigh on endless supply of festive props!

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