Pre-wedding engagement session in Edinburgh Old Town

Here’s a small selection of photographs from Heather and Mike’s engagement session shot in Edinburgh’s Old Town. To say the weather was miserable would be an understatement! The temperature was in single figures and thanks to Edinburgh’s infamous wind, it felt much colder! Not ideal conditions really… Anyway, we braved the elements and didn’t stray too far from their rented apartment on Holyrood Road, just across the road from my old place of work, the Scotsman Newspaper. We worked around the Scottish Parliament building as it afforded us a bit of cover from the rain and shelter from the wind then worked our way a little up the Royal Mile before wrapping the shoot up and returning in to the warm. The light really was very flat so the bulk of this shoot was captured on digital, I think I only shot off a couple of rolls on my Contax, the shot below is a film capture. The conditions couldn’t have been more different for their wedding day which you can view here

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